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Can sertraline be used for sleep? Your doctor may prescribe one of the following antidepressants that can also help you sleep : An SSRI such as Zoloft, Prozac, Celexa, Lexapro, and Paxil. SSRIs can be effective for treating depression but may take several weeks or longer to become effective. Sedating antidepressants (such as Remeron).
Can alcohol trigger bipolar depression? But many individuals who have bipolar are looking for a middle ground. Alcohol actually acts as a mood depressant and its use over time can worsen bipolar depression. Drinking makes most people feel more social and less inhibited because alcohol impairs regions of the brain that help us self-monitor, Kranzler explains.
Can untreated schizophrenia cause brain damage? Does Untreated Psychosis Cause Brain Damage ? The duration of untreated psychosis, or DUP, is a significant factor in the prognosis for a psychotic disorder or related condition. But researchers are still pursuing a better understanding of the neurological impact of psychotic episodes.
Is medication necessary for bipolar disorder? There are many treatment options for bipolar disorder. Each person with bipolar disorder may respond differently to treatment, and it is common to require a unique combination of treatments. A combination of medication and talk therapy is most effective. These drugs may trigger manic episodes in some people.
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